about us

Technical Experience

We are well-versed in a variety of operating systems, networks, and databases. We use this expertise to help our customers with a variety of IT projects.

Here at SphereIT, our mission goes beyond providing technology solutions. We help our clients achieve the highest level of operational excellence so they can focus on what matters - their core business. Through our comprehensive range of services, we ensure our clients stay ahead in the ever-changing technology landscape and maximize their overall success.

That's why our goal is to provide an experience that is tailored to your company's needs. No matter the budget, we pride ourselves on providing professional customer service.

The Team

SphereIT houses a team of motivated individuals committed to continued excellence at empowering healthcare innovations with high-end and cost effective workflow analysis, technical implementations, end user training , integrations, data migration and service support to the leading healthcare tech providers and hospitals across the globe. We are committed to provide cutting edge technical and functional domain knowledge to make implementation and managing the solutions simpler and affordable.

Area of Expertise

  • IT and TELECOM Datacenter.
  • Access control, CCTV, remote monitoring, installation and maintenance.
  • Industrial networking and automation backbone.
  • Data Recovery services for all Media – RAID arrays, Hard drives, Virtual Servers 
  • Enterprise and mid range UPS installation, configuration and maintenance contracts for APC, Schneider, MerlingGerin, BEST Power, Eaton.
  • BRWall partners in UAE for high resolution video wall, remote monitoring multi-monitor consoles and AV setup and maintenance.
  • Industrial electronics services (Automation support, Process control, Equipment maintenance & Supply/Support).
  • PCB design, modification, enhancement and repair services. (Any PCB, Single Layer, Double Layer PTH, Multi later SMD).
  • Maintenance and repair services for electronic Drivers for LED, high-end lighting system.
  • High-end laptops, Servers installation, repair and maintenance.
  • Networking (physical infrastructure, router firewall and remote office connectivity). 
  • IT management, ITIL/ISO, PMP, LEAN Consulting’s Services and Trainings.
  • Fully Managed IT Helpdesk setup (end to end).
  • IT Helpdesk management for medium to large enterprise.
  • Fully Managed Print and Consumable supplies (entry level to high-end printer, photocopier scanners, asset tagging services) all equipment repairs and maintenance.
  • Air conditioning, humidity and monitoring for datacenter or Telecom Control room.